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CT Scan Instructions / Non-Edentulous


CT scanning appliance instructions

If your non-edentulous patient has metal restoration, a CT scan must be performed with a Scan Solutions Scanning Appliance as metal artifacts/restorations can cause issues in creating the surgical guide.

Step 1

Place the metal pin provided through the hole in the handle as shown. This pin will help quickly determine if the patient moved during the CT scan. Paint the device with a tray adhesive compatible with the Denmat clear bite registration material you will use in the next step.

Implant Solutions Non Edentulous Scanning Appliance

Prepare scanning appliance

Step 2

Apply the Denmat clear bite registration material that must be used with the kit as shown. A larger amount is better than a small amount. If the bite registration material doesn’t accurately capture the occlusal surface of the teeth, repeat this step.

Implant Solutions Non Edentulous Apply Bite

Apply bite registration material

Step 3

Place the device in the mouth and have the patient rest the opposing arch on cotton rolls to gently hold the device in place.

Implant Solutions Non Edentulous Place Device

Place device back into mouth

Step 4

You are now ready for the CT scan. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for CT Scan.

Implant Solutions Non Edentulous Take CT Scan

Take CT scan

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