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Edentulous Cases - Method 2

Use this procedure if the patient doesn’t have an existing restoration or major changes are going to be completed from the existing restoration.

step 1

Edentulous Cases 2 - Step 1
Takes impression of the patient’s features. Ridges, borders, hamular notches and retromolar pads must be present and accurately impressed.

step 2

Edentulous Cases 2 - Step 2
Implant Solutions:
Base Plate/Bite Rims
Using the provided impression, Implant Solutions fabricates a base plate/bite rim and returns it to the doctor for patient’s bite records.
Bite Records
Uses the base plate/bite rim to register the vertical dimension. Mark midline and contour the bite rim to fit the patient’s facial features.

step 3

Edentulous Cases 2 - Step 3
Implant Solutions:
From the provided records, Implant Solutions fabricates a setup with barium sulfate teeth. The setup is returned to the doctor for try-in.
Try-In the setup and address all cosmetic and phonetic requirements. If changes are needed, relay the information back to Implant Solutions and evaluate if another try-in will be needed.

step 4

Edentulous Cases 2 - Step 4
Implant Solutions:
Processes the try-in and converts it into a scanning appliance. The appliance is then returned to the doctors. This appliance is worn during the patient’s CT scan and aids in the implant planning process.