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Guided Surgery Process / Guided Surgery Process

Guided Surgery Process

The Implant Solutions® 5-step process for CT guided dental implants and customized surgical guides provides predictable implant placement and optimal outcomes designed for your patients.

1. Traditional Impression

An accurate polyvinyl impression is taken and sent to Implant Solutions® where it is converted into an STL file. OR…

Digital Impression

Doctor takes a digital impression using a scanning system and sends STL file to Implant Solutions®.

Implant Solutions Polyvinyl Impression

Polyvinyl impression

2. CT Scan

Patient CT scan is taken and DICOM III Multi-File CT files are uploaded to the Implant Solutions® website.
Watch the video to learn how to upload the files to the portal.

Implant Solutions Patient CT Scan

Patient CT scan is taken

3. Treatment Proposal Services

Spend more time chairside with your patients and less time in front of a computer with our user-friendly treatment proposal services. Watch the video to learn how to schedule your treatment planning appointment online.

Implant Solutions Treatment Proposal

Treatment proposal services

4. Signed Disclaimer

Authorize Implant Solutions® to fabricate patient’s surgical guide.

Implant Solutions Signed Authorization

Signed authorization

5. Surgical Guide

Based on the approved treatment proposal, a precise patient-specific surgical guide is fabricated for the clinician. Watch the video to learn more about what we send with each case, how to follow the protocol document and use the surgical drilling kit.

Patient-specific Surgical Guide

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