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Products & Services / Custom Temporary Provisional and Tissue Former

Custom Temporary Provisional and Tissue Former

Optimize aesthetic results.

Custom Temporary Abutment & Crown

Custom-fit for each patient.

Made of titanium, temporary custom abutments contour the tissue to create an ideal emergence profile, resulting in a more aesthetic final restoration that is faster and easier to seat.

If your patient is a candidate for an immediate provisionalization of the implant, our custom temporary provisional (CTP) is the right fit for you.

We currently support the following implant systems for the custom temporary abutment and temporary crown: Zimmer, Implant Direct (Legacy, Interactive, Replant, Reactive), Astra (EV not included), Ankylos, Argon, BioHorizons, Nobel Active, Nobel Replace, 3i, Straumann, and Implant One.

Custom Tissue Former

Unmatched custom aesthetic results.

Our custom tissue former contours the tissue around anatomically shaped titanium. The tissue former minimizes tissue blanching during the final restoration seating, providing a more comfortable patient experience and optimal aesthetic result.

CAD designed specifically for your patient.

Milled titanium to optimize tissue regeneration.

The final contour of the tissue will optimize the aesthetics.

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